How to Choose an RV Repair Shop

Choosing an RV repair shop is the same as finding your usual car repair shop. You've already paid a good sum for your RV, so don't disregard any vital repairs with a quick fix from unskilled mechanics.


First off, look for shops that have the right equipment and facilities to perform the repairs. For instance, they should have a 3D frame measuring machine, which is among the most recent advancements in car repairs today, that gives mechanics a correct diagnosis of what must be repaired. Also consider their welding approach for any frame or body repair that may be in order. With squeeze-type resistance spot welding, the mechanic is able to reproduce original manufacturer welds, resulting in better quality repairs. You can learn more by clicking here now.

Repair Warranties

No matter if you depend on an interior heater while driving down a freezing highway, or on a water pump in some isolated desert, choosing a repair shop that offers workmanship ad lifetime warranties on their work is essential. It's a good indication when a repair shop does this because it reflects their confidence in their ability to satisfy your repair needs, and that they are happy to replace any defective products that may have been installed. You can learn more by clicking here now.

Certifications and Qualifications

What makes them qualified to restore your RV's siding or suspension before you get it out on the road? Effective demand a lot more than just tacking things together. Competent mechanics are certified by industry organizations, ensuring they're updated on the newest techniques and technology in the area of collision and mechanical repairs. As you pick an RV repair shop, make it a point to inquire about their certifications.

Additionally, the repair shop itself must be certified to use parts directly sourced from the manufacturer. Before an RV repair becomes Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified, they have to know the best repair techniques as taught by the RV makers themselves. After thorough training, a lengthy and intensive certification process, many costly renovations, and the acquisition of new machines, a repair shop can win the RV manufacturer's trust and receive certification, allowing the shop to use OEM parts as opposed to after-market parts.

Direct Repair Programs

Finally, don't forget to inquire whether or not the repair shop has the approval and recommendation of big insurance companies via "direct repair programs" (DRP). This approval is an indication that insurers have placed their trust on the repair shop to do high quality work at a judicious price. Insurers only a repair shop directly for repairs after a vehicular accident once they have proven that it is qualified.
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